“Komada Wataru’s Komastagram 1st PHOTO FRAME”, a photo book of voice actor Komada Wataru, which was released on November 13, has been reprinted. It was also announced that a photo and panel exhibition will be held to celebrate the book’s release.

“Komada Wataru’s Komastagram 1st PHOTO FRAME” is the first photo book of ‘Komada Wataru’s Komastagram’, which is currently being distributed on Seiyu Grand Prix. The book contains unpublished photos of the 12 guest voice actors who have appeared on the show from the 1st to the 12th episode. It includes comments from the guest voice actors and photographer, Komada-san, who were the subjects of the photo book, making it a great read. It also includes comments from the show’s first event, “Komada Wataru’s Komastagram 1st SHOOTING”, held in February of this year.

After the release of the book was announced, there was a rush of reservations at anime stores and online bookstores. It became a hot topic right after the release of the information, and on November 12th, it was decided that the book would be reprinted before its release, which was unusual for a book.

To celebrate the release of the photo book, photo and panel exhibition will be held. The photo exhibition will include photos of guest voice actors not included in the book and new photos taken by Komada-san. Commemorative goods will also be on-sale.

The “Komada Wataru’s Komastagram 1st PHOTO FRAME” is now on sale at bookstores nationwide. It is priced at 3,520 JPY (including tax).

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