The voice actress Ootsubo Yuka, known for her role as Toshinou Kyouko from “Yuru Yuri”, Mimura Kanako from “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, and other roles, has reported about her marriage on October 31.
The information about her partner “a normal guy that she had dated for a while” was reported through the official website of EARLY WING, her affiliated agency.

In the article “Announcement regarding Ootsubo Yuka” on EARLY WING official website, Ootsubo begins with the greeting, “This is a private matter but I would like to report that I had married with a regular guy (29) that I had dated for a while on the other day.”

Then, it was followed by “I was able to continue to try my best up until now as I was supported from everyone especially those who had supported me when I was a newcomer since my debut during high school”, “I was always saved by his kind word and delicious handmade meal whenever I tried to solve the problems alone as well as during my troubled and difficult times as I am bad at asking for helps”, her appreciation toward her partner and surrounding “I still have a lot to learn but I want to devote myself to the important work with the feeling of appreciation while receiving guidance from everyone”, and “It would make me happy if you can watch over us.”

Ootsubo debuted as a voice actress in 2011. After her first anime appearance as Toshinou Kyouko from “Yuru Yuri”, she has also voiced various type of roles such as Mimura Kanako from “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, Taiki Shuttle from “Umamusume: Pretty Derby”, and Shinobu from “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”.