The voice actor variety show “Say You to Yoasobi Wednesday ‘Komatsu Mikako X Uesaka Sumire’ #18” was broadcasted from 10 PM until 11:30 PM on October 28, 2020, on ABEMA’s “Anime LIVE Channel”. This episode is the third day of “Say You to Yoasobi Halloween Week”, and Komatsu and Uesaka had appeared in the “Groom & Bride” cosplay.

On that day, the show started in a different place than the usual studio. After the nervous Komatsu in the tuxedo was showed on the screen, it immediately changes to Uesaka in the pure white wedding dress.
Despite there is an acrylic board separating both of them due to social distancing, they were still able to conduct the ceremonial activities, including exchanging wedding rings and kiss (posture only).

After that, after looking at Uesaka’s appearance once again, Komatsu praised it with “Sumipe’s (Uesaka nickname) bride appearance is so cuteeeeee!”, “The bride appearance from the groom view… is awesome! It feels so great!”, “This is the most transcended beauty in this world!”, and “It looks so fabulous! It suit you well!”
On the other hand, on the previous broadcast “#17”, Uesaka mentioned her “dream” of being a bride and while showing a shy smile, she said “Somehow… I felt satisfied now♪” and “I had forgotten that this is a Halloween project”.

After returning to the studio, in the “Wednesday’s Trick or Treat! 1000 JPY Sweets Exchange” corner, both of them exchange the “sweets that can be used as a snack while drinking” that was bought with 1000 JPY.
Uesaka had bought 2 high-quality chocolate that is about 1000 JPY while Komatsu bought a lot of her favorite “Kaldi Coffee Farm”‘s sweets. Both of them laugh while saying “So this is the way of buying for a housewife!” and “You are able to see the buying habit from this”. Then, the topic further escalates to the school trip during primary school, which was quite entertaining.

Before the program end, it was announced that Ishihara Kaori will appear as a guest in “#19” on November 4, 2020.
Both of them say “Will it be another laughter broadcast!?” “Yea!” as they showed their anticipation toward the next broadcast.

“Say You to Yoasobi Wednesday ‘Komatsu Mikako X Uesaka Sumire’ #18” is currently available on ABEMA.