From the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, it was announced that the display model “PROPLICA Special Grade Cursed Item – Ryomen Sukuna no yubi” and the action figure “S.H.Figuarts Itadori Yuji” will be released. Pre-orders will start on Nov. 6. The products are planned to be released in Mar. 2021.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is based on the comic of the same name by Akutami Gege, which is currently being serialized in ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’. The young boy, Itadori Yuji, who has an extraordinary physical ability, eats the “Special Grade Cursed Item – Ryomen Sukuna no yubi”, and embeds a curse in his soul.
He is guided by Satoru Gojo, the strongest magician in the world, and is transferred to the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, an institution specializing in curses.

“PROPLICA Special Grade Cursed Item – Ryomen Sukuna no yubi” is a realistic 1/1 scale figure of the cursed king’s ryoumensukuna no yubi, which are scattered all over Japan. It is a product of the brand ‘PROPLICA’ which is a display model for adults, and each one is a poisonous curse that has been realistically sculpted and colored. It is a product that conveys a dark view of the world.
The three sides of the figure are based on the anime’s three-dimensional setting, and the tree root-like swellings and other parts are designed to be close to the original when viewed from various angles.

The coloration is realistic and glossy on the claws, while the skin is dry and has an eerie coloration like a curse.
Stickers where you are able to change the appearance of both sides of the body, and other elements are also planned and will be announced in preparation for the release.

“S.H.Figuarts Itadori Yuji” is an action figure of the main character based on the setting data of the anime. The figure is designed to reproduce various battle scenes in the anime, and has a wide range of parts.
The figure has a wide range of pose options, allowing you to pose it in a variety of action poses. Three different expressions and effect parts are included. Details of the set will be released as soon as possible.

The price is 2,500 JPY for ‘PROPLICA Special Grade Cursed Item – Ryomen Sukuna no yubi’ and 5,500 JPY for ‘S.H.Figuarts Itadori Yuji’ (excluding tax). After the release in Mar. 2021, they will be released in other countries as well.

(C) Akutami Gege / Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee