Music from the anime “Macross” series has started to be distributed by the subscription (fixed price) music streaming service, “AWA”. It will contain a total of 580 songs from the 49 related title, such as “Macross” to the latest Walkure.

The 580 songs from 49 titles that are distributed, include “Macross” (the opening theme of “Macross”), as well as the music from “Macross 7”, “Macross Frontier”, “Macross Delta”, and the latest “Walkure”‘s song “Mirai ha Onna no Tame ni Aru”, which appeared in first place for the first time in the Oricon’s weekly single ranking.

Also, as a commemoration for the distribution at “AWA”, the two playlist, “Macross” series featured and Walkure featured, has been revealed at the anime’s official account “AWA Anime”.