Approximately 600 songs from the entire ” Macross” series, including the 2018 released movie “Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Walkure”, have broadcast on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Starting from the nostalgic songs that went throught the series, “Do You Remember Love?” by the heroine of “Macross”, Lynn Minmay,, continue with “Totsugeki Love Heart” by FIRE BOMBER from “Macross 7”, “Lion” from “Macross F”, “Ikenai Borderline” from “Macross Delta”, and others, playlist covering the entire Macross series “Macross Series Anime Songs” has been broadcast on Amazon Music Unlimited.
Moreover, the playlist “Best of Walkurie”, which is composed only of the songs of the tactical music unit Walkurie that appears in the latest TV series “Macross Delta”, is also being distributed.

To commemorate the song distribution, comment from Walkure member Suzuki Minori has arrived.

“Macross Series Anime Songs” will be available on Amazon Music Unlimited from May 27, 2020.

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Suzuki Minori
I think everyone has heard songs from the Macross series at least once. I hope that many people will come to know more about “Macross”! Please find your favorite song, diva (princess?) By all means!