An animated film based on the are of Izumo city, Shimane prefecture, titled “Child of Kamiari Month” started a new crowdfunding campaign for the voice recording process at Sony’s crowdfunding site, First Flight.

It is said that a myriad of gods assembles in October, for a bonding rite in the area of Izumo, in Shimane province. The animated movie “Child of Kamiari Month” tells the story of a young girl living in the modern age and her journey to the said sacred land.
The company responsible for promoting the glamour of the movie is Cretica Universal. Their mission is to convey the unique culture and nature of Japan through animation. The movie is currently being produced at full steam, and the release date is estimated anywhere between 2020 and 2025.
The castwill be announced in Apr. 2020.

The funds from the first crowdfunding campaign held from Mar. to May 2020, were directed at the script, and background setting; while the second campaign held from Jul. to Aug. 2019, focused on the storyboard and other visuals.
Now, the efforts of the third crowdfunding campaign are directed to the voicing recording step. The reward tiers include original items inspired by the location of Izumo and the movie itself. A copy of the script will be given via the lottery as well.

The third crowdfunding campaign for “Child of Kamiari Month” has started on the platform “First Flight”, running until Jun. 1. More details regarding rewards, etc are available on the website.