The serialization of “ONE PIECE episode ACE”, a spin-off of “One Piece” and starring Ace as the main protagonist, has started in “ONE PIECE magazine Vol.10” that was released on Sep. 16. The art is handled by Boichi, the author of “Dr.STONE” which is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Jump”.

“ONE PIECE episode ACE” is a spin-off manga based on the novel “ONE PIECE episode ACE” by Hinata Shou and Hamazakai Tatsuya.
This is the first spin-off manga with a proper story from “One Piece”, the art is handled by the manga artist Boichi, the author of “Dr.STONE” which is currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump” while the storyboard is handled by Ishiyama Ryou, known for “Mitsukubi Condor” and “Ibitsu no Amalgam”.

The first chapter of the serialization has a total of 54 pages with 3 color pages and a portion of the story has been released on the manga magazine application, “Shounen Jump+” on Sep. 16. Please check out Ace’s story with it’s tremendous artwork.

Other than this, the third headline of “ONE PIECE magazine Vol.10” is the 66 pages of special articles called “Recommended for re-reading”.
As there is a huge development in the story since the beginning of the “Wano Country Arc”, the article is a “revision and reminder toward the climax” so that you can deepen your understanding toward “One Piece”.

For “RE:ONE PIECE Checklist”, it will introduce four mysteries that will largely affect the future story as well as an explaination of the “various hints that were hidden in the story”.
For “ONE PIECE NOTE collection ~First Draft Arc~”, it will reveal a secret setting note that is filled with the initial idea of this work by the original author, Oda Eiichirou.
For “Let’s Analyse ONE PIECE Luffy’s Battle Report” it will review in detail the 1.5 billion Belly bounty, Monkey D Luffy’s battle style and his strength.

The fixed price for “ONE PIECE magazine Vol.10” is 1,000 JPY (excluding tax). It is now available on nationwide book stores and convenience stores.

(C)Oda Eiichirou,Boichi, Ishiyama Ryou/Shueisha