My Melody and Kuromi is collaborating with “EGG&SPUMA” on the 8th floor of Lumine Esuto in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The menu for the 2nd half will be offered from Sep. 16.

This collaboration is the 2nd project of “KUROMI MY MELODY CAFE”, which was held in Apr. 2019. The cafe and dishes are decorated with girly and cute Kuromi and My Melody with hearts, which are different from the atmosphere of the 1st project.

As the menu for the 2nd half, the afternoon tea set will appear in a Halloween specification. It includes Gyuhi cake(similar to rice cake), bat-shaped cookie, and other Halloween-featured sweets around Kuromi in a witch costume.

Furthermore, a new appearance “Kuromi no Kimagure(whimsical) Curry Rice with Omelette” will be available for weekday dinner and limited quantity. It comes with EGG&SPUMA’s famous Souffle Omelette, pink-colored curry with shrimp and Kuromi’s favorite pickled scallions, and rice featuring Kuromi, which is photogenic.

The menu also includes EGG&SPUMA’s famous souffle pancake with berry sauce full of heart-shaped garnish and My Melody on top. Three varieties of drinks are garnished with My Melody, Kuromi, and Piano on top. You can enjoy the cafe again and again.

The 2nd half of “KUROMI MY MELODY CAFE” will start on Sep. 16. If you order a collaboration menu, you will be given a coaster as a gift.

Location: EGG&SPUMA
Shinjuku Lumine Esto 8F, 3-38-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, 160-0022
Period: 1st half Sat., Aug. 1 – Tue., Sep. 15, 2020 2nd half Wed., Sep. 16 Sat., Oct. 31.
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