At the Tokyo Fashion Town Building (TFT) adjacent to Tokyo Big Sight, the “Cosplay Expo in TFT” where you can shoot cosplay indoors and in the surrounding parks was held on Apr. 15.

In addition to the wide range of shooting, including indoor white holly, terraces, and parks, since the event is dedicated to the indoor shooting, it will not be canceled in case of bad weather, and will be available for a long time to shoot from 9:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.. Saying, “We can take beautiful pictures”, many cosplayers who make their costumes and photographers who bring expensive equipment come here.

It is also held according to the schedule of the big event Comic Market (venue: Tokyo Big Sight) where cosplayers from Japan and overseas participate, and since the venue is adjacent, many cosplayers from all over the country will participate during that period to have fun.

On the same day, foreign photographers from China and other countries were also seen along with the participation of popular Chinese cosplayer Kouka Chaka (Ringo), which means that publicity overseas is also spreading. Now, we would like to introduce the cosplayers pictures of who had been taken at the venue.
[Photo / text = Japan Cosplay News]