“Battle Athletes” is the media mix contents in 1997 and 1998. This will come back in 2021, a year of the Tokyo Olympics, as “Battle Athletes ReSTART!”. Moreover, the teaser visual and the anime logo were revealed.

“Battle Athletes” is the media mix project from 1997 to 1998. It is widely known among the anime fans as the legendary work, which depicts the beautiful girls striving to become the best athlete in the galaxy.

A completely new TV anime series titled “Battle Athletes ReSTART” will release TV anime in 2021, and more other projects are also planned forf future development. A teaser website and the official Twitter account was opened today.

Moreover, serialization of the spin-off manga called “Battle Athletes ReSTART!: Pale Blue Dot” (drawn by Takatoo Rui) will start at COMIC Luel & COMIC Jordan, the website ran by jitsugyo no Nihon Sha.

Detailed information of “Battle Athletes ReSTART!” will be announced in the future. A great expectation is sent toward future development.

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