To celebrate the completion of “Haikyu!! Uniform Project”, which had sent cheers to volleyball players in high school, “Haikyu!!”'s author Furudate Haruichi delivered an original illustration and a comment to high school students who participated in the project.

2020 Inter-High School Championships was canceled due to the spread of novel coronavirus. “Haikyu!! Uniform Project” was started to cheer up the shocked volleyball players in high school with “a courage to take a step forward”. The project began from Jul. 6 with multiple messages from Takeda Ittetsu, who is the coach of Karasuno High School Volleyball Club. He encouraged the students by saying, “Your life would not end here” and “You can start anything from this point”.

This project sent several uniforms of the high school volleyball teams to the Utsunomiya Gymnasium in Tochigi, where the last game was scheduled to be held under the cooperation of National High School PE Association Volleyball Branch, and the staff took pictures.

To celebrate the completion of this project, “Haikyu!!”'s author Furudate Haruichi showed thanks to the high school students who participated in this project with an original illustration and a comment.

Moreover, the making video, which recorded the displayed uniforms, has been released.
This video recorded the final game site of lost Inter-High with the actual uniforms sent around Japan.

The picture taken was used as a large advertisement on Yomiuri Newspaper on Aug. 24, which was the day of the final game.

(C) Furudate Haruichi/Shueisha