A new broadcasting schedule for the second season of TV anime series “Haikyu!! TO THE TOP”, which had been postponed due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, was set for Oct. 2020. Moreover, the visuals of Inarizaki High School with main members, such as the captain Kita Shinsuke, and Miya brothers, have been released.

“Haikyu!! TO THE TOP” is based on a manga by Furudate Haruichi, which is serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. In the “Weekly Shonen Jump”, merged 33 and 34 issues, which will be released next week, the manga will end as it hit the period for eight and a half years. Up to now, there is a total of three anime series that had been produced, and the the current work is the fourth series.
The second season of this work is to show the second day of the spring high school national tournament. Karasuno High School is competing against Inarizaki High School, who actually can win the championship. What's the outcome of the fierce competition with “the toughest opponent” Inarizaki High School…

In the character visual, key members of Inarizaki High School such as the strongest high school volleyball twins “Miya Brothers” are gathered around the captain Kita Shinsuke in front of the banner 'We don't need memories”.

In addition, the re-broadcast of the first season of “Haikyu!! TO THE TOP” has started now. Let's take a look at the path of Karasuno High School Men's Volleyball Club before the tournament again.

“Haikyu!! No. TO THE TOP” season 2 will be broadcast from Oct. 2020 on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS “Animism” timeslot.

(C) Furudate Haruichi/ Shueisha, “Haikyu!!” Production Committee, MBS