Collaboration between “Bakumatsu Rock Hollow Soul” and Princess Cafe has been decided. It will be held from Sep. 9 to Sep. 30 at Princess Cafe Yurakucho Marui and Osaka.

“Bakumatsu Rock Hollow Soul” is the sequel of the “Bakumatsu Rock” series, which includes a wide range of games, anime, live performances, and musicals.
Now that the war against Jr is over, and the parliamentary system has ended, each lord is trying to govern Japan by “voicing” rather than by armed conflict. The new world is about to start, but dark clouds rise again on Edo. In a city surrounded by black mist over Edo Castle, Heiankyo figure appears.

At this collaboration cafe, you can enjoy a cafe menu such as food and drinks unique to this collaboration. Moreover, in the product sales, drawn and illustrated goods with images of characters working at a cafe will be sold. People who like cafes can come for the merchandise, so feel free to drop by.
Also, it’s planned to carry out SNS linked campaigns and special gifts for ordering menus.
Stay tuned for more info on the collaboration menu and more on the official website and Twitter.

“Bakumatsu Rock Hollow Soul” collaboration cafes will be available at Princess Cafe Yurakucho Marui from Sep. 9, 2020 to Sep. 22, 2020, and at Princess Cafe Osaka from Sept. 15, 2020 to Sep. 30, 2020.

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