The main visual and 3rd promo video of the first part of the anime movies “Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot”, based on the smartphone's RPG “Fate/Grand Order”, “Wandering; Agateram” have been released.

“Fate / Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table – Camelot”, the first anime movie adaptation of “Fate/Grand Order”, focused on Bedivere in the famous chapter of the Sixth Singularity handled by Nasu Kinoko, the overall composer of the original game.
Suezawa Kei is the director of the first part, Arai Kazuto will be in charge of the second part, Kodachi Ukyou will be the scriptwriter, Hosoi Mieko, Kise Kazuchika, Onsen Nakaya, etc. are the character designer. Moreover, the animation of the first movie is done by Signal.MD, and the second one by Production I.G.

The main visual of the first part “Wandering; Agateram” released this time is a close-up shot of the pilgrimage knight, Bedivere. The visual shows him from the front with the silvery right arm.

Also, the 3rd promo video shows the hinted the Bedivere's relationship with the Holy City Camelot and Lion King in the background of Jerusalem.

Why does Bedivere fight against Lion King who he call as master? What role did Marlin play? This is a story that are connected to those questions.

“Fate / Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table – Camelot: Wandering; Agateram” will be released on Dec. 5, 2020.