“Lancer/ Valkyrie” from the smartphone game “Fate/ Grand Order (FGO)” will become three figures. Pre-orders are currently available at ANIPLEX+, and there is a bonus for purchasing all three of them at once.

The product is the figure of “Lancer/ Valkyrie” from FGO. The Valkyrie sisters, Ortlinde, Hildr, and Thrud, whose appearance changes after each ascension, will become a figure at the same time.

Each of their equipment is recreated and even the slight difference in the armor and clothing have been done precisely. The hood of Ortlinde can be take off as well.

The “Bonus for purchasing all three” limited at ANIPLEX+ is a mini acrylic figure (9 types) with an SD illustration.

“Fate/Grand Order Lancer/ Valkyrie (Ortlinde/ Hildr / Thrud) 1/7 Scale Figure” is priced at 17,820 JPY (tax included) for “Ortlinde” and “Hildr”, while “Thrud” is priced at 18,480 JPY (tax included). The set of 3 figures with a bonus is priced at 54,120 JPY (tax included).

Pre-orders are currently available until 12:00 P.M. on Nov. 8, 2020, and shipping is scheduled for Mar. 2021.

“Fate/Grand Order Lancer/ Valkyrie (Ortlinde/ Hildr / Thrud) 1/7 Scale Figure”