The world's first “Evangelion” attraction “Evangelion Kyoto Base” will be open on Oct. 3, 2020, at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. This time, the official report arrived ahead of the premium advanced experience, which will start from Aug. 1.

Unit-01, which the upper body can be seen from the LCL pool, boasts a height of about 15 meters and it possible to actually ride on the entry plug.
Various pilot aptitude tests are performed before boarding, and the “Synch Rate” is measured in four levels: A, B, C, and D.
Also, a special event show for about 3 minutes shows the appearance of Unit-01 being invaded by the apostle, making full use of special effects such as water cannon, is a must-see thing.

Moreover, the “Kyoto Base” is decorated with a motif of a real base, and there are also plenty of photo spots to have fun, including a photo spot where you can take pictures with the AT field and a character standy panel.
Along with the release of “Kyoto Base,” the “3rd New Kyoto City” logo, instead of 3rd New Tokyo City, has also been created. Please check out the walls of the shooting studios that have “Nerv specs”.

In addition, collaboration food, drinks, and goods will be on sale for the premium advance experience starting from Aug. 1.
Foods such as sweet curry “NERV curry Unit-01 Ver.” colored by beets and “10th Apostle Predatory Kishimen” with great impact, refreshing drinks perfect for summer, such as the amazingly refreshing taste of “drinkable LCL” and “4th Apostle Attack Coffee Jelly” inspired by “Sakiel”, goods such as “Evangelion Tea -AT Field Fully Open Tea Project for Humanity-” and “Clear File” that you would like to take home as souvenirs will be released one after another.

“Evangelion Kyoto Base” will be opened in Oct. 3, 2020.

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President Toei Kyoto Studio: Mamoru Yoshihisa
I think that movie villages are usually associated with historical drama, but movie villages also can be a park where you can enjoy not only movies but also anime, heroes, and Japanese contents.
In order to create a place where customer who come to Kyoto, which is one of the world's leading tourist destinations, can feel free to stop by, we brought Evangelion to the movie village as the first step.
Although tourism has been slow during these time due to the novel coronavirus, our goal is to become a representative spot in Kyoto, that you would go to Kyoto because EVA is available there.

(C) Khara