The teaser visual and promotion video of the movie “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO”, the 15th anniversary work of broadcasting of the TV anime series “ARIA”, have been released.“ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” is the new “ARIA” series to commemorate its 15th anniversary, and the new teaser visual and promotion movie have been released. It has been also revealed that the story features the “Orange Planet”, and we have receivedthe comments from the original author Amano Kozue and the general director Satou Junichi have arrived.

TheAnime “ARIA” seriesanime is based on futurethe healing manga by Amano Kozue, and underwent an adaption to animethe anime adoption in 2005 with the title “ARIA The ANIMATION”, and another adaptionadoption in 2006 as “ARIA The NATURAL”, the 3rd season in 2008 as “ARIA The ORIGINATION”, and a completely new anime series in 2015 as “ARIA The AVVENIRE”. The anime series have charmed many fans through their kind atmosphere taken directly out of the original manga.

The newNew series called”ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” will be based on the manga by Amano Kozue, and will be directed and written by the general director Satou Junichi, supported by Natori Takahiro, and produced at J.C. Staff. In addition to the original casts from the former series, Satou Rina will be playing Athena in the place ofstead of Kawakami Tomoko.

The long awaitedAwaited teaser visual and special movie have been released this time. The main characters, including the “Orange Planet” members, have assembled at the hill in dawn in the teaser visual. The daily scenes ofat the Neo Venice have been depicted in the special movie with a narration by Hazuki Erino, who plays Akari.

The movie “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO” will be released in spring of 2021.

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Original Author: Amano Kozue
I got an offer to doof the movie adoption to celebrate the 15th anniversary of TV series.
I am grateful to receive such a wonderful opportunity, and I want to thank all of my fans, who have supported me up to this level.
The announcement unexpectedly overlapped with this difficult situation. I think unseen, great power created this situation.
I hope new “ARIA” will energize and will be an enjoyment for the fans.

General Director: Satou Junichi
Five years ago, the strong support of “ARIA” made “ARIA The AVVENIRE” a reality. A seed of wish born from it has now been transformednow turns into into a new form as “ARIA The CREPUSCOLO”.

The voices expecting the release of the new series both from new and old fans will give us power.
Future doesn’t happen naturally, but it can become real when all necessary steps have been taken for a goal we are aiming for.

A newNew day will begin at Neo Venice together with new members with the same goal. Let’s sail out for new day together with them.

(C) Amano Kozue/ Mag Garden/ ARIA Company