As the fifth collaboration product “BEYOND G TOFU” of the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” and the leading company “Sagamiya Foods” in the tofu industry, “Haku-Shiki Tofu”, which will be the world's first “Painting Tofu”, and “Zaku Tofu Kai”, which is a more realistic improvement of the first, version have been released.

Based on the concept of “let's make Otofu interesting,” Sagamiya and “Mobile Suit Gundam” series proposed a “new concept of Otofu” that does not exist in the world yet, and have released “Zaku Tofu” in 2012.
“Hyaku-Shiki Tofu,” released five years later, based on a new concept of tofu, and it is released under the tofu specialized brand “BEYOND G TOFU”.

“Hyaku-Shiki tofu” is tofu in a golden container that imitates the head of a mobile suit, “Hyaku-Shiki.”
It comes with a curry sauce with gold powder, and it is supposed to be eaten with the sauce. It's the world's first “painting tofu” because you can enjoy painting-like feeling with this tofu, just like painting the plastic models.

“Zaku Tofu Kai” is a new release of “Zaku Tofu” which was popular as the first collaboration product with “Mobile Suit Gundam” to commemorate the 40th anniversary of “Mobile Suit Gundam”.
The original 2012 “Zaku Tofu” has evolved into a more realistic shape and becomes the improved “Real Type Zaku Tofu” with improved popular edamame flavor.

“Hyaku-Shiki Tofu” and “Zaku Tofu Kai” by “Beyond G Tofu will be on sale from Jun. 3 at supermarkets and convenience stores in the Kanto area. Moreover, “Hyaku-Shiki Tofu” is a STAY HOME event, and if you apply with a picture of “Hyaku-Shiki Tofu” that you have painted, you will receive a “Mega Bazooka Launcher Brush” as a gift of the “G Tofu Painting Contest”. For details about applying, please check the special website BEYOND G TOFU.

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