The official cafe based on “Mobile Suit Gundam” called “GUNDAM Cafe Akihabara” will be renewed as a hands-on entertainment restaurant. It will change its name to “GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE”, and will be 4-times larger than the previous cafe.

“GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE” is the hands-on entertainment restaurant which will be constructed of 4 sections including, “Restaurant Area”, “Zeon's Diner TOKYO”, “Goods Shop”, and “fortuneLatte Cafe”, together with the near-futuristic atmosphere inspired by the world view of “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

“Restaurant Area” located in the center area is inspired by the cafeteria in the space battleship. Eighteen-meter large multi-monitor will display the scenery outside the window, including space, and offers enjoyable mealtime together with the world view of “Gundam”.
Moreover, it also offers a special program called “G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW”, where the visitors became a character in the “Gundam” series and enjoy the menu proposed by the characters, and other events related to “Gundam” will be offered.

“Zeon's Diner TOKYO” is a diner where guests enjoy the world of Republic Zeon. The large table on the center displays the interactive projection that shows the space, and the fighting simulation can be enjoyed when the Mobile Suit sallies from the food menu.
“Good Shop” will be selling the original goods of “GUNDAM Cafe”. Some goods will be only sold at this cafe.
“fortuneLatte Cafe” will provide a take-out menu, including soft drinks with entertainment and drink which comes with the original clear bottle.

“GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE” will be open at 1-1 Kanda Hanaoka-chou, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, JPN (a minute away from Denkigai exit of JR Akihabara Station) on Jul. 31. Detailed information will be posted on the official website.