The smartphone game “ Disney Twisted Wonderland ” has revealeda fully drawn animated TV commercial. Scenes from the game’s first chapter, taking place in “Heartslabyul Dormitory” are shown in the commercial.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland” is a school adventure game that depicts the true form of Disney’s colorful cast of “Villains”. Under the the cooperation of Walt Disney Japan, Toboso Yana(well known for her manga “Black Butler”)is in charge of the draft, main scenario and character design.

In the revealed TV commercial, students in Heartslabyul Dormitory are drawn around Riddle Roseheart, the Chief of Heartslabyul Dormitory. Hanae Natsuki, the voice actor for Riddle, provides the narration for the commercial.. The voice iswas recorded specifically for this commercial. The animation video was made by CloverWorks Inc., which was in charge of the production of the TV animated series “The Promised Neverland”.
Let’s enjoy the collaboration of beautiful visuals and wonderful performance.

The TV commercial for “Disney Twisted Wonderland” is now being broadcast on TV. The game is available on iOS and Android.

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