In commemoration of 20th broadcast anniversary of the original anime “Gear Fighter Dendoh” produced by Sunrise, a project has been decided to be held, which includes free streaming on YouTube and new goods.

“Gear Fighter Dendoh” is an original anime by Sunrise. Total 38 episodes have been broadcast on TV TOKYO from Oct. 2000 to Jun. 2001.
“Gear Fighter Dendoh” depicts two boys, Izumo Ginga and Kusanagi Hokuto, getting in a huge robot (=Dendoh) powered by a battery, which suddenly appeared, and fighting to protect the Earth from “Machine Empire Galfa”.

As one of the projects in commemoration of 20th anniversary, 1st episode of “Gear Fighter Dendoh” will be streamed on Youtube Sunrise Official Channel. It will be streamed from 9:00 p.m. on Jul. 20 to Aug. 19, 2020 as Premieres.

Furthermore, some special projects by original staff will be serialized on the website “Yatate Bunko”. Fukuda Mitsuo, the directer and Furusato Naotake, the producer, will have a special conversation as the 1st project.

In addition, “Gear Fighter Dendoh”, “Knight GEAR Oger”, and other
robots, which played active roles in the story, will appear as Super Minipla. It has also been revealed that Dendoh and Oger will participate in the war on a smartphone application “Super Robot Wars X-Ω”.

Check out more details of the projects on the anime official website. It is a chance to know more about “Gear Fighter Dendoh”, which marked 20th anniversary.