The latest stage of the Hyper Projection Stageplay “Haikyuu!!” series has been decided to be held in autumn 2020. This performance will be depicting Karasuno High vs Nekoma High a.k.a. “Battle at the Garbage Dump” on the 3rd day of the Spring Tournament.

The Hyper Projection Stageplay “Haikyuu!!” is based on the volleyball manga serialized by Furudate Haruichi on “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It started in Nov. 2015 and has performed up to the “The Strongest Challengers” in Mar. 2020.

The latest autumn 2020 stage will be depicting the “Battle at the Garbage Dump”, which was voted the best game in the poll held in “Weekly Shonen Jump”.
The 3rd day of the Spring Tournament. A grudge match against Nekoma High was awaiting Karasuno High's volleyball team. The long-awaited match of the rivals, Karasuno from Miyagi and Nekoma from Tokyo, has been fulfilled on the national stage.

On the visual that has been released, is a crow and cat in the garbage dump, giving us a sense of the fierce game.

Also, in the “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine, which is currently in stores, it has been announced that Haikyuu!! will be ending its 8.5-year serialization will come to an end in the next issue.

The latest Hyper Projection Stageplay “Haikyuu!!” will be performed in autumn 2020. Details will be announced in the future.

(C)Furudate Haruichi / Shueisha, Hyper Projection Stageplay “Haikyuu!!” Production Committee