Commemorating the re-run of the “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE”, “'BanG Dream! FILM LIVE' Re-run Celebration Talk Show” was held at Aeon Cinema Itabashi on Jul. 5. The CEO of Bushiroad Kitani Takaaki, the CEO of Sanjigen Matsuura Hiroaki, and the computer graphic supervisor Mimura Atsushi appeared on the stage and revealed the background stories for the movie.

This talk show continued as the guests answering the question had been collected on Twitter in advance.
For “A trigger for starting 'BanG Dream! FILM LIVE' project”, the CEO Kitani answered, “There was a proposal from the president Matsuura that he wants to make the film like during the production of 'BanG Dream! 2nd Season', and I accepted it. We only took a few days to turn the proposal into a project”. It was a rare case with no proposal documents.

For favorite scenes, Mimura answered, “Because we could produce the concert scenes in full length, compared to the TV series, we were able to depict character's charms which could not be shown in the anime”.

CEO Kitani mentioned the stage background as his favorite scene. He praised it that it was “made with a quality equal to recreating the actual background of 'BanG Dream!” concerts”, and continued by saying, “The actors with a nice relationship make the project successful, and I believe this live could be successful because the actors in 'BanG Dream! FILM LIVE' had a wonderful relationship, too”.

The talk show also revealed that president Matsuura asked to make the scene of the background, where the requests of “encore” from the audience echo.
The added the scene because they believed “Since the release was after the broadcast of 'BanG Dream! 2nd Season', I thought that the fans could feel something only with graphics without words”.

Lastly, new information on the “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage” was announced. The director Umezu commented, “We are planning to increase the volume of the movie by doing things like increasing the volume of the movie and taking much longer time, therefore, we asked the guest looking forward to the “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage' to stay healthy through daily exercises”.