An insect cage inspired by “Poke Ball”, a capturing item of “Pokemon”. marked over 40,000 sales a year after the release. It continues to make a great hit also during the off-season and is the unexpected hits.

An insect cage cost 100 JPY in 2020, but “Poke Ball Insect Cage” is priced for 1,300 JPY (tax excluded).
Regardless of its high price, 3,000 insect cages were sold during winter, which supposed to be the off-season.
What is the reason for it?

There are many “Bug” Pokemon in the “Pokemon” series.
“Poke Ball Insect Cage” is the new item that allows the users to experience as the Pokemon trainer in the game when capturing the insects.
The product recreates an opening-closing mechanic like a Poke Ball and also has multiple structures that make it a great insect cage, including a shoulder belt for easy carry, a window placed on the top of the cage to capture the insects securely, and a flat base.

As you see, this product is an insect cage.
Other than using this as the insect cage, the users can find other ways to use it fashionably, like a small bag to carry your favorite stuffed toy and few snacks.

“Poke Ball Insect Cage” is a great goods from insect hunting and leisure for approaching summertime.

“Poke Ball Insect Cage” is priced for 1,300 JPY (tax excluded), and is available at EC website called “IRON FACTORY”.

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