The thunderbolt shaped necklace and jewerly cloth based on the characters of “Pokemon”, Pikachu, and others “electric type Pokemon” have appeared. Pre-order has begun in the “U-Treasure Online Shop”, who specialized in genuine character jewelry and goods aimed for adults.

The texture of the front-side of the necklace is designed to feel like the pokemon are discharging electricity, giving an accent to the design. The back-side contains Pikachu, Pichu, and other “electric type Pokemon” gathered together.

Also, the jewelry cloth has a massive “electric type Pokemon” gathered in one place. This cheerful-looking jewelry cloth is finished with the U-Treasure original design.

“'Electric Type' Pokemon Thunderbolt Necklace”: silver and yellow-gold coating model with the price of 11,000 JPY (Tax incl.), K18 yellow-gold model at 49,500 JPY (Tax incl.), and jewelry cloth priced at 1,100 JPY (Tax incl.). It is currently available for pre-order at “U-Treasure” Official website.

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