A new polo shirts are now available from “Pokemon Shirts”, a service where you can order your own shirts. It can be customized with the 151 types of embroidery of the pokemon that appear in “Pokemon Red/Green”. Pre-orders are available at “Original Stitch” from Jun. 5.

There are three places for the embroidery on the polo shirts which are the chest pocket (if you wanted to show off your favorite pokemon), and the front and back hem of the shirts (where you can show off the pokemon in a casual manner).

It is possible to change the single color button of the collar to a Poke Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball. As there is no restriction on the button arrangement, you can enjoy a simple style by having a design with only the pokeballs without any embroidery as well.

Moreover, as the fabric of the pocket and the collar type can be customized, do try and order your personal “Pokemon Shirts”.

“Pokemon Shirts” Polo Shirts is priced at 8,500JPY (exclude tax and delivery fee). Pre-orders are available at “Original Stitch”

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