“Pokemon” had collaborated with “SAMANTHAVEGA” and products inspired by Pikachu and Team Rocket will be available to be pre-ordered at “SAMANTHA VEGA” Official Online Shop from Jun. 23.

The featured products are bags with the bold design of the face of Pikachu or Eevee, bags or accessories with SAMANTHA VEGA original Pokeball design, and others. The line-ups of the product of SAMANTHA VEGA will surely excite the Pokemon fans.

The products are filled with the brand image of “SAMANTHA VEGA”, which is the “current” item that girls want and cute items, and the world setting of Pokemon.

By purchasing the products from “SAMANTHA VEGA meets Pokemon Collection”, a limited shopping bag will be given, and if the purchase is more than 15,000 JPY, the pokemon series economy tote bag will be given as well. The quantity for both bags are limited.

On Jul. 9, “Pokemon” will appear at the SAMANTHA VEGA, Omotesando GATES's pop up digital store. The “Pikachu (female appearance) Designed Bag” is scheduled to be sold here with limited quantities.

Pre-order for “SAMANTHA VEGA meets Pokemon Collection” is currently available at “SAMANTHA VEGA” Official Online shop and it will be released at Japan's nationwide SAMANTHA VEGA shop from Jul. 15, 2020

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