“Evangelion Kyoto Base”, the world’s first attraction where you can ride on “Evangelion”, will have its grand opening at Toei Kyoto Studio Park on Oct. 3, 2020.

Along with this attraction’s opening, the first Evangelion machine, whosewhich height is about 15m, with the LCL pool in the upper body, has appeared in Toei Uzumasa Movie Village.
It is a sensational and photogenic attraction that allows you to ride on itsthe palm and inside the “Entry Plug” of this first machine.

“Evangelion Kyoto Base” is the name of the newly established base by the special agency NERV in the area of Uzumasa, “New Kyoto-3 City Branch”. NERV is conducting public recruitment of new pilots there, so it is an attraction where applicants will endure various aptitude tests, such as “synchronization rate” measurement, boarding test of the Entry Plug first unit, and others.

You can enjoy “Evangelion Kyoto Base” as the first Eva attraction in the world, and also a show time event about 3 minutes long is planned.
Utilizing special flashy effects such as water cannons to the fullestFully using flashy special effects such as the water cannon, the performance will be focused on the first machine that has been eroded and stoped by apostles.

Moreover, sales of goods that useusing drawn illustrations, food and drink collaborations, an exhibition of Japanese swords, and Kyoto collaboration event are planned.

“Evangelion Kyoto Base” will be open on Oct. 3 at Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
Also, prior to the grand opening, a premium precedent experience will be held from August 1st for 120 people for one day only. For details, visit the official website.

In addition, before the grand opening, a premium advanced experience will be held from Aug. 1 for 120 people for one day only. Check the official website for details.

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