From “Rebuild of Evangelion” comes Evangelion Unit-02 as a roughly 25cm-tall action figure (not to scale). Pre-orders are currently available at “Good Smile Online Shop”.

“Robodou Evangelion Unit-02” uses ABS, PVC, POM, and zinc alloy. The fine coloring adds to the highly detailed design.

There are various gimmicks to give the product more playability. By replacing the shoulder parts with jet pack parts and the forearm parts with aerodynamics parts, Evangelion Aerial Recon S-Type Equipment can be created.

The Entry Plug cover can be opened to expose the inner Entry Plug. Two types of Entry Plugs will be included with the figure. A short one to show it being plugged in, and a long one to show it being ejected. The umbilical cable can be plugged in the socket on the back.

The weapons that come with it are the Evangelion exclusive weapons, Thunder Spear, a hand-held electric weapon, and Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow for Evangelion, 2 Pallet Rifles, and 2 Progressive Knives. The Thunder Spear come with an action gimmick where it can be in its storage form or deployed form.

“Robodou Evangelion Unit-02” is priced at 17,600 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “Good Smile Online Shop” and shipping is scheduled for Dec. 2020.