It has been decided that “Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Picture Collection” created by Anno Hideaki will be released again as an e-book. In this book, more than 30 specially colored pages selected by Anno Hideaki Select have been added, and 3 volumes will be distributed at the same time.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” is the TV anime series directed by Anno Hideaki that has been broadcast on TV Tokyo since 1995. It is the original work of the “Evangelion” series, final of which will be released soon.

In this book, you can really enjoy the challenging and high-level drawing techniques that are the charm of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. The “Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Picture Collection,” reprinted after 20 years, has more than 30 specially colored pages selected by Anno Hideaki.

Three volumes will be released at the same time, and the first volume will contain the TV version opening and about 700 original images of episodes 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8. The second volume will contain Asuka and Shinji killing the apostle in a breathtaking attack, from episode 9 to episode 19, including the scene where the first Eva machine awakens and preys on the apostle.
The third volume contains the original images up to episode 24, where appeared the last singer, Nagisa Kaoru, and pictures of episode 25, 26, where “Eva” shows up as a very problematic task.

Three volumes of “Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Pictures” will be released at the same time as e-books. The price of volume one and volume two is 2,000 JPY (tax excluded). Volume three is pricedat 2,400 JPY (excluding tax).

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