Prior to the premiere of the movie “EVANGELION:3.0 +1.0”, apparel items such as shirts and loungewear, are here. They are now on sale at nationwide Mac-House stores and at the online shop.

The Mac-House limited collection, which recreates the world settings, such as the in-depth story and stylish outlook, of the Science-Fiction (SF) Anime “Evangelion” that fascinates various fans across generation.

The printed T-shirts will have a total of 5 colors available, which are the body colors of Unit-00, Unit-01, Unit-02, Mark.06, and Unit-08, with an impressive image of the unit printed at the back. There are also printed T-shirts with the scene of the “Operation Yashima” and “Pilots”.

The other line-ups are loungewear (a set of half sleeve T-shirts with a short pants that allowed you to enjoyed “time at home”), overall graphic printed shirts featuring the popular scenes, a waist bagwith NERV Logo, and sacoche with NERV Logo.

“EVANGELION Mac-House Original Collection” is now on sale at nationwide Mac-House stores and online shop.