The collaboration cafe of”Detective Conan” called “Detective Conan Cafe 2020” reopened after closing temporary due to the spread of novel coronavirus. To-go menu and good sales are available in each cafe.

“Detective Conan Cafe 2020” began with the theme of “Holding a home party at Dr. Agasa's house!”. It imagines Edogawa Conan, Kudou Shinichi, and Haibara Ai relaxing and enjoying the party.

Take home menu includes dishes such as “Boys Detective's Interesting Kids Plate” and Shinichi's favorite food named “Ran's Lemon Pie”. Deserts and drinks are included in the menu as well.

Also for original goods, goods like “Acrylic Key Chains” and “Canned Chocolate” with deformed illustrations of Conan and others are lined up.

“Detective Conan Cafe 2020” will gradually reopen from Jun. 8 from the cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo. Detailed information is available on the official website.

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