The third anime movie of “Monster Strike” series, “Monster Strike THE MOVIE Lucifer Despair of Dawn” has been decided to release in Nov. 2020. To commemorate this, the online preview of the special edition of this work has been announced.

This work is based on the original story “Monster Strike” created by XFLAG. The first movie in series had been released in Dec. 2016, the second in Oct. 2018, and this is the third feature-length anime movie.

On the online preview, “Lucifer's Dawn of Despair-Special Edition-” will be streamed live on YouTube by dividing it into two parts. Please check the special site for details.

The first part of the movie release commemoration “Lucifer Despair of Dawn -Special Edition-” online preview will be broadcast on Jun.13 and the second part on Jun. 14 at 19:00.