From “AnotherAngle”, the Girls und Panzer apparel series that embodies the world of the “Girls und Panzer” anime series, comes “Girls und Panzer 3 Way Bag” with a lineup of 10 designs. Pre-orders are available now at the official online shop of “Another Angel”.

“Girls und Panzer 3 Way Bag” is a multi-use 3-way bag,created as an answer to requests of a larger bag for everyday use, at the time of the release of “Girls und Panzer Body Bag” in winter 2018.

It follows the concept of “using it in everyday life without feeling out of place” from the Girls und Panzer apparel series. It is designed for everyday use and has a silhouette recognizable at a glance to fans. The bag is arranged to be used in 3 ways: a tote, shoulder, or backpack.
While keeping the image of the series, various details for practical use have been persued.

The 3-way bag is an original model created from scratch, with the school emblem and image colors of each school boldly designed on the front and stitching, and a large main compartment and cushioned pockets.
It also has a zipper pocket on the magnetic flap, 2 snap button pockets under the flap, snap button pockets on both sides of the exterior of the bag, a mesh drink holder, and a zipper pocket on the backside, making the bag capable of containing a very large volume.

“Girls und Panzer 3 Way Bag” has 10 designs in total: Ooarai Girls High School, St. Gloriana Girls Academy, Saunders Univesity High School, Anzio High School, Pravda High School, Kuromorimine Girls High School, Chihatan Academy, Jatkosota High School, University Strengthened Team, and BC Freedom Academy. Each is priced at 13,750 JPY (tax included)
Pre-orders are available now at the official online shop of “Another Angle” until Jun. 28, and shipping is scheduled for early Nov. 2020.
Original illustrations of each high school have been prepared as the present to each purchase, and special gifts will be given for those who will buy 2 items with any design.

(C)GIRL und PANZER Finale Projekt