From the Tv anime “Re: Zero-Starting New Life in Another World”, the jeans will be produced for limited quantities, and the tapestries and the acrylic stand with the characters in the street fashion, will be sold.
It will be released from Nijigen Cospa, the store which sells many kinds of character goods.

The product “★Limited★ Rem&Ram Jeans” will be produced in Okayama for a total of 100 items regardless of size differences.
The popular characters of Rem and Ram are printed on the back pocket.
The back pocket with the eye-catching design comes with a large capacity, which can hold an A5-size comic book easily. The inner textile of the front pocket is designed with images of Rem and Ram.

The jeans produced in Okayama is made to be the non-wash type that the design is neither too thin or too wide, and it can match with any type of fashion.
Since this product is made for first come, first serve basis, the sale will hold both online and in stores. The price is 15,000 JPY (tax excluded).

The illustrations come with the line-ups of Emilia, Rem, and Ram in a street fashion. “100cm Tapestry Street Fashion Ver.” comes in large size of 100×75cm. The tapestry has glossy texture and does not get wrinkled easily. Since it uses the glossy texture, it fits great for the room design as one of the interior. The price for the tapestry is 5,500 JPY (tax excluded) each.

“Acrylic Stand Street Fashion Ver.” is in a scale of 14.5 cm in height and 6 cm in width, and it sits nicely in the room and on the office desk. The item makes you feel that the character is nearby you. The price is 1,300 JPY (tax excluded).

“120 cm Big Towel Ver. 2.0” and “Dual-sided Full Graphic T-shirt” will be also produced for Emilia.
“120 cm Big Towel” is the item that cares about the texture, and it can be used as a towel or even hang it in your room like a tapestry. The towel can be used for a measure of cold weather as well. The price is 4,200 JPY (tax excluded).

“Dual-sided Full Graphic T-shirt” comes with the design printed everywhere from both sides, sleeves, and even around the neck. The small details can be enjoyed with bright colors unique to polyester material. It dries quickly, and smooth texture is also a point to consider. The price is 6,000 JPY (tax excluded).

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