The latest apparel and miscellaneous goods of the “Evangelion” series have appeared in “Cospa”. There is a total of 10 products in the lineup, such as the 100 limited units “Plug Suits Designed Jeans”, T-shirts, and Body Bag.

The product that is worth highlighting is the 100 limited units “Plug Suits Designed Jeans” that is based on the plug suits worn by Ikari Shinji and the others Eva's pilots.
The special design of the plug suits is recreated by interweaving the sports materials on the jeans. This is an attractive product for “Eva” fans as it has the interchangeable embroidered badge by taking off the fastener, the double loop specification, and the printed logo on the back pocket.

Other than that, the other lineup of products that will make you enjoyed the setting of “Eva” are the T-shirts with the monotone graphic of Makinami Mari Illustrious and Nagisa Kaworu, item with Nerf and Seele logo respectively, and the Nerf HQ supply styled goods.
Further information is available at “Cospa” official website.