A new Tamagotchi, “Hanyou Tamago-gata Kessen Heiki Evatchi” (Multi-purpose Egg-shaped Decisive Weapon Evatchi), in which you can raise your own “Angel” from the popular anime series “Evangelion”, will be released on Jun. 13, 2020.

This is a Tamagotchi is designed as an egg-shaped special armor filled with the life-supporting liquid “LCL” from the “Evangelion” series. There are over 20 Angels you can raise.
It recreates the Eva universe through operations, such as giving them “S² Engines”, which is the power source of the Angels, when the Angels are hungry and re-adjusting the “LCL” when it gets contaminated.

It also has a mini-game inspired by the fan-favorite Ikari Shinji line, “Target in the center, pull the switch”, and battle training where you run from the Spear of Longinus. Furthermore, at certain times of the day, static appears on the screen followed by famous scenes and popular characters from the series.

“Hanyou Tamago-gata Kessen Heiki Evatchi” has a total of 3 types: Unit-01 Model, Asuka Model, and Rei Model. They are each priced at 2,530JPY (tax included), and pre-orders are available at “Premium Bandai” and some other online stores from Apr. 15. The release is scheduled for Jun. 13, 2020.

(C)Khara (C)BANDAI, WiZ