Anime information magazine “Animedia” Jul. 2020 volume will be on sale on Jun. 10. This volume commemorates the 39th anniversary on Jun. 2020, and comes with luxurious designs of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” on the front cover page, and “Gintama” on the back cover.

The magazine features the popular anime and characters chosen by Animedia readers. As a special project, the readers gift campaign which gives away the illustration with autograph by popular creators will be held, and nostalgic special gift cassette label come together with the magazine.

Also the separate volume gifts are the clear file of “Toilet-bound Hanako-kun” and B3-size posters of “BNA” and “Disney Twisted Wonderland”.

The chief editor Okabe Fumiko commented, “This magazine marked the 39th anniversary, thanks to you. I want to deliver my message of '39' (thank you) from the bottom of my heart. We will do our best to continue making the magazine which considers about the feelings of the readers including you”.

“Animedia” Jul. 2020 volume will be on sale on Jun. 10. The price of the magazine is 973 JPY (tax excluded).