The anime celebration illustration for the TV Anime adaptation of “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle”, drawn by the original author, Kumanomata Kagiji is released. At the same time, Shimono Hiro and Koyama Rikiya have been announced as an additional cast.

“Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” is based on the manga of the same name by Kumanomata Kagiji that is currently serialized on Weekly Shounen Sunday.
The illustrated depicts the scene of Princess Syalis, Demon Lord Tasogare, Demon Cleric “Leonard”, etc. reading the anime script.

Moreover, it was announced that Shimono Hiro and Koyama Rikiya will participate as well. The hot-blooded and frank Hero Akatsuki, who is trying to save the abducted princess, is voiced by Shimono while the lower soldier of the Demon Lord Castle, Haritoge Majiro is voiced by Koyama.
Along with the visuals of these two characters, the visuals of the Teddy Demon who is taking care of Princess Syalis are released.

“Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” will begin broadcast in 2020. Further information will be announced soon.

<Below are the full comments>
【Hero Akatsuki by Shimono Hiro】
It sounds weird coming from me but the presence of Hero Akatsuki is… too little!! (Haha)
Well, there is no choice since the main story is about the princess being abducted (slowly living) in the Demon Lord Castle but I hope that one day the princess will remember his name…

【Haritoge Majiro by Koyama Rikiya】
I am actually quite young! I have a tough body, you see, even my limbs look so sturdy and I am quite good at fighting. I even have a lot of experience and wisdom in life, I have also experienced various ups and down… Don't I look like that!?
In fact, I am young!
I'm still brimming with youthful enthusiasm! So let's do it!

(C)Kumanomata Kagiji・Shogakukan/ Maou-jou Suimin Sokushin Production Committee