“The Day I Became a God”, which will begin its broadcast in Oct., will have Asai Yoshiyuki, known for directing “Charlotte”, as the director and Sakura Ayane as Hina, the main heroine.

This anime is the 3rd title following “Angel Beats!” and “Charlotte” of the original anime project by Key x ANIPLEX x P.A.WORKS.
The main heroine, Hina, will be voiced by Sakura Ayane, who also voiced the heroine, Tomori Nao, in “Charlotte”. How will she portray Hina in this next title? Cards with Sakura Ayane and director Asai Yoshiyuki's enthusiasm towards the title are revealed on the official website of the anime.

Also, “New Anime 'The Day I Became a God' Prologue Special ~The emotional tracks of Key and Maeda Jun~”, which had been broadcast on TOKYO MX, has been decided to be broadcast on Meetele and ABC TV. “The Day I Became a God” is an anime under the theme of Maeda Jun “returning to his roots”. The program is an emotional documentary following the tracks of Key and Maeda Jun.
The broadcast will begin from 2:40 am on Sunday, May 31 on ABC TV, and 3:13 am on Sunday, May 31 on Meetele. (JST)

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