Issue 9 of the magazine “Otomedia Stage & Musical” will be on sale on May 21, 2020. The cover is decorated with six swordsmen from the musical “Touken Ranbu – Shizuka no Umi no Paraiso”, including Tsurumaru Kuninaga, Ookurikara, and more.

The opening page is about the musical “Touken Ranbu – Shizuka no Umi no Paraiso”, which is scheduled to return in 2021 after some shows were unfortunately canceled. It features gravures and interviews with six of the main swordsmen; Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Okamiya Kurumu), Ookurikara (Makishima Hikaru), Urashima Kotetsu (Itokawa Youjirou), Hyuuga Masamune (Ishibashi Hiroki), Buzen Gou (Tachibana Yuuta), and Matsui Gou (Sasamori Hiroki).

In addition, Tateishi Toshiki, Sadamoto Fuuma, and Kizu Tsubasa have appeared in the special gravure & interview, which are based on the theme “my favorite things”. Tateishi has also been added on the back cover.

Furthermore, it includes a special section featuring Suzuki Hiroki, who has been on the cutting edge since his debut, and Okura Tadayoshi, who appears in the movie “The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese”.

“Otomedia Stage & Musical” Vol.9 will be released on May 21, 2020. It is priced at 1,550 yen (excluding tax). The extra volume includes a glittering sheet autographed by six main cast members of the musical “Touken Ranbu – Shizuka no Umi no Paraiso”.