The outline and sneak peek of episode 12 “A Battle I Can’t Lose” of the TV anime “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter” (broadcast on March 26, 2021) have been released.

“The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter” is based on the light novel series with the same name, written by Seto Meguru, and illustrated by Takehana Note, which is serialized by K Light Novel Book.
Noir, the third son of a minor noble, lost his job and was lucky enough to hear about the entrance of a legendary place, the “Hidden Dungeon”, which is filled with a large number of rare beasts and items. He also obtained a skill that can “create, give, and edit skills”.
However, in order for him to use that skill, he will need to accumulate points by “eating delicious food”, “doing sexual activities with an attractive person of the opposite sex”, and other actions…

The title for episode 12 is “A Battle I Can’t Lose”. Why is Olivia so friendly toward Noir? The reason is due to “a certain event” during her time as an adventurer .

On the other hand, Noir is in a pinch after being chased by the fake Olivia. Can he overcome this crisis?

Episode 12 “A Battle I Can’t Lose” of the TV anime “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter”, was broadcast at 2:25 AM, on March 26, 2021, on “Animerism” of MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS, and other channels.

(C) Seto Meguru, Kodansha/ The Production Committee Only I Can Enter