Many Chinese cosplayers have appeared in Japanese anime/game events and Doujinshi conventions. Their high-quality cosplays have stolen the attention of the anime and game fans.

“Fate/Grand Order” Mash / Photo by Jiaozhu shadow 【Click the photo for the photo gallery】
Mayuyi tako is said to be one of the hottest cosplayers in recent years. She has been to Japan 3 times so far, and has participated in “Comiket” (95,96, and 97).
With about 350,000 followers on Twitter, reservations of her photo sessions are instantly full.

She is now studying abroad in the States, and will be going to University from Apr. Here is her interview, along with photos from when she was a high school student.

――What made you start cosplaying, and when did you start?

Mayuyi tako: My friend took me to an ACG event (anime, game, doujin events in general) in my middle school years. It was impressive to see cosplayers dressed as my favorite characters.

Since then, I've been cosplaying for 6 years. I'm now living in the States, so I go to China or Japan on my long term vacations in summer and winter for cosplay photo sessions. I can't afford freely flying back to China or to Japan from the States except for those occasions.

“Fate/Grand Order” Katsushika Hokusai / Photo by Hanmo 【Click the photo for the photo gallery】
――Tell us about your favorite animes and games.

Mayuyi tako: I'm really into “Fate/Grand Order”. Other than that, I play a lot of “Grand Blue Fantasy” and “Knives Out”. My favorite anime is “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure”!

――What are the features of your cosplay?

Mayuyi tako: I believe it's my smile.

――Is there anything you want the photographers to do?

Mayuyi tako: I collect as much information about the character before the photo session, and explain what kind of photo I want the photographers to take. But, in my opinion, what's most important is to understand the character as a cosplayer.

“Gantz: O” Yamasaki Anzu
――Are there any impressionable moments of cosplaying?

Mayuyi tako: That would be when people tell me that I look like the character. It makes me feel that I'm getting closer to my ideal cosplay, and that's very satisfying.

――Which cosplay made you famous?

Mayuyi tako: Maybe the cosplay of Mash from “Fate/Grand Order” in 2018. I really worked hard on my facial expressions to give her the essence of a Kohai. I have many other expressions and poses for Mash other than her smiling, so someday, I'd like to introduce them.

“Fate/Grand Order” Mash
――What makes you continue cosplaying?

Mayuyi tako: The expectations of everyone wanting to see more of my work is a strong motivation among the many reasons. I don't want to lose my passion towards cosplaying. Many of my friends, who started about the same time as me, have given up. I want to be the one that keeps on cosplaying no matter what happens.

――What are your future goals?

Mayuyi tako: I want to dress as more characters from “Fate/Grand Order”! Also, characters from my favorite titles like, “Xenoblade2”, “Azul Larne”, and “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure”.

“Fate/Grand Order” Koyanskaya
Images provided by Mayuyui tako (@Takomayuyi)