The photo magazine,which recorded the “alternative=their another appearance” of the spirited actors called “Stage Actor Alternative”, had been published. Ueda Keisuke, Ozawa Ren, Koujou Kentarou, and Matsuda Ryou appear in 1st Season.

This magazine started with the collaboration of the photographer Kobayashi Yoshikazu, who has produced “monthly”×new generational actor series, and the actors, who are active in the fields such as 2.5-dimensional stage plays.
In the 1st Season, the magazine is constructed of 2 themes: the visual in black and white unified with a black suit, and another visual which contains different concept for each actor.

For the 1st volume, Ueda Keisuke, who plays Choromatsu in “Osomatsu-san on STAGE” and Agatsuma Zenitsu in the stage play “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, appears, while for the 2nd volume, Ozawa Ren, who plays Sawamura Eijun in the stage play ” Ace of Diamond: A The LIVE”, appears.

Also in the 3rd volume, Koujou Kentarou, who plays Mutsuki Hajime in the 2.5-dimensional dance live “Tsukiuta”, makes the appearance, while on the 4th volume, Matsuda Ryou, the actor who plays Kaneki Ken in the stage play “Tokyo Ghoul” appears in the magazine.

Further information and 2nd visual will be announced on the official Twitter account of the magazine and each actor on Mar. 1.