“FUN'S PROJECT COLLEGE”, an online learning service for creators operated by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), released a part of some paid learning contents without charge for a limited time from Mar. 26 – Apr. 24, 2020, targeted at the members due to the temporary closure of each school.
And this time, since the period of staying at home has been prolonged, they announced that they had released a part of another paid content without charge for a limited time from Apr. 23 – May 22.

“FUN'S PROJECT COLLEGE” is a service that has been providing its online learning contents for aspiring creators so that they can learn anytime, anywhere with the concept of “approaching their dreams”.
This time, considering that there are many aspiring creators who have no choice but to study at home, they decided to release a part of some contents without charge that is normally distributed with charge.

It is the second time, and this time, it is “anime production”. The anime production company, Doga Kobo and “FUN'S PROJECT” playing a central role. they will also introduce some learning contents of anime production, which are originally released without charge, in addition to providing a part of the basic anime course, “Animator Drill” planned for students and young animators without charge.

Directed by a veteran animator, a university professor, Yusa Kazushige, the lecture time will be 10 minutes a day. It's easy to continue every day, so why don't you, parents, try learning with your children who are interested in anime, not to mention those who want to become professionals?

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