Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, many anime-related events and live events had been canceled/delayed.

As we are recommended to stay indoors at this moment, we are sure that the thought of “I want to do 'Wotakatsu' (Wota Activity)!” had come across numerous active and troubled anime fans. Thus, Anime! Anime! had thought of some “Wotakatsu” that can be done at home, especially we are recommended to stay indoors.

1. Let's write a fan letter
Have you ever write a fan letter before? As the opportunity to talk directly with your idols had increased due to events such as handshaking event and present event, we are sure that there are a lot of people who didn't write it before. However, as the real events are decreasing, it will decrease the opportunity to enjoy conversation with your idol and it also makes it harder to inform your thoughts.

That's why the best chance to write a fan letter isn’t now? A fan letter had another good point when compared to a message in the SNS. Just by having a letter, envelope, and stamp, you will be able to inform your thoughts, and you can also able to leave your thoughts in your own form. If you use the letter set from the goods, it will surely make it cuter.

2. Let's “save money for your favorite idol”
Due to the event and live being canceled, we believe that there will be some people who will request for a refund. It's normal to have the thoughts of “after getting the refund, I want to buy the goods”, but it might be better to save it for your “future Wotakatsu”.

However, it is not just a simple saving it will be known as “saving box for your favorite idol”.

What you need is a saving box. For the method, you just have to insert the predetermined amount into the saving box when your favorite idol posted a new update on the SNS such as Twitter. As you determine the amount by yourselves, let's set save money for the future in a reasonable amount.

3. Let's set up a home theatre
How about setting up a home theatre to enjoy the “Wotakatsu” to the max at your home?
By streaming the events or live video on a big screen, it will be like a live viewing. By streaming anime or movie, you will be able to enjoy the support screening at home.

There are various ways to enjoy Wotakatsu. We believe there aremore methods and do-able things, so why don't we enjoyed the “Wotakatsu” at home?