Bushiroad Inc. announced its response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to donating a portion of the revenue from “LINE Creators Dress Up” (scheduled to release in late May) to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, which is researching countermeasures against the coronavirus, it was also announced that the Bushiroad verified card game specialty stores will be joining the effort.

This time the “LINE Creaters Theme” will be based on the KV illustration that was designed for the “BanG Dream! Speciall☆LIVE Girls Band Party!” concert that was scheduled to be held at the MetLife Dome on May 3.
20% of the revenue (excluding various expenses) will be donated to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine for 31 days after launch.

In addition, Bushiroad certified card game specialty stores will also be donating 20% of the sales from the “Vanguard Zero” app (wholesale price), there'll also be a banner click campaign in “Vanguard Zero”, a 'relay W follow & retweet campaign', and a donation of 40,000 masks, coming to a total of an estimated 13,311,880JPY in aid (an avarage of 35,978JPY per store).
In other TCG-related counter-measures, you will be able to enjoy card games developed by Bushiroad through “Bushiroad Remote Fight!” and a “TCG wall” is being developed to prevent airborne infection.

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