In commemoration of the release of the collaboration package “UCC Milk Coffee Can 250g (EVA2020)”, which was produced and sold to commemorate the release of “EVANGELION:3.0 +1.0”, TOKYO FM Holiday Special “Skyrocket Company UCC Appreciation MONDAY”(broadcast on May 4, 2020) will feature the voice actress Ogata Megumi.

It will be a chance to know the production of the “Evangelion” series, which has made many fans in Japan and overseas, and some episodes at the time of post-recording, following the TV series and the “New Theatrical Version” series for about 3 hours of the live broadcasting.

In advance of this radio broadcast, you may enjoy it more by watching the “Rebuild of Evangelion” series that are being distributed on YouTube.

Also, the program is looking for messages related to “what you want to appreciate”. All those whose messages were adopted will receive a free case of 30 “Eva cans”.

“Skyrocket Company UCC Appreciation MONDAY” featuring Ogata Megumi will be broadcast on TOKYO FM from May 4, 2020.