The fragrances based on Sailor Soldiers from “Sailor Moon” are here. It will be on sale from the character specialty shop “primaniacs” from Jun. 26, 2020.

Sailor Moon fragrances have fruity smells based on the image of “The fate that is guided by the moonlight and become the shiny moon princess notes that exceed time”. These fragrances that have the glamor of the Legendary Silver Crystal are fitting for a princess and making you want to hold on to your long dream.

“Being covered by the wind produced by the sword, the refreshing fluttering wind herbal notes” is the image of Sailor Uranus fragrance, and it has the smell of herb and ozone smell that will captivate all the watcher. For Sailor Neptune has a peppermint fragrance which gives out a noble and dignified appearance.

Other than that, a total of 13 Sailor Soldiers' fragrance will be on sale, such as Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus.

Before to the sale, you can test out the fragrance at “primaniacs” Ginza's main store via the original design fragrance paper from May. 28.

“Sailor Moon Fragrance” are priced at 5,417 JPY (tax excluded)each. It will be on sale at “primaniacs” Ginza main store and its online shop from Jun. 26, 2020.

(C) Takeuchi Naoko ・PNP・Kodansha・Toei Animation
(C) Naoko Takeuchi